Energy Therapy

Reiki & Chakra Balancing

Experience a sense of profound calm and deep relaxation with these therapies, which are designed to connect, open and balance the energy centers. You and your therapist will determine the intention of your treatment and your therapist will focus on balancing your energies, clearing blocked channels and aligning your chakras for a fully restorative session for mind, body and soul.


Chakra Balancing
25 minutes: $75
Our chakras are forces within the body that work together as a delicate energy system. They must function and interact optimally for one to feel centered. Allow one of our energy healers to assist you in shifting and balancing the energies in your seven chakras for a deeper sense of wellness, well-being and inner peace.

55 minutes: $120
A unique healing therapy to facilitate enhanced energy flow and provide a sense of peace and well-being throughout the body and mind.

Chakra Serenity Energy Clearing Massage Enhancement
Added to any massage: $35
Enhance your massage experience with this balancing and restorative treatment (Add 15 minutes to your massage).
Reiki Chakra Balancing Energy

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