Spa Body Wraps

Exfoliate, nourish, detoxify and hydrate with one of our luxurious Spa Body Wraps. 


Exfoliate, nourish, detoxify and hydrate with one of our luxurious Spa Body Wraps. For velvety smooth, healthy skin all over!

With Our Compliments: All of our body wraps include soothing lavender compresses and a relaxing face and scalp massage.

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Milk and Honey Exfoliating Wrap
50 minutes: $145
A scrub & wrap in one: An exfoliating and super softening treatment that's literally delicious! A warm, creamy mixture of exfoliating salts and a rich body butter mask infused with milk and honey is applied to your body. You are then wrapped up warm & cozy. Proteins and enzymes in the milk and honey soften and moisturize your entire body while you relax and drift away. Our most popular body treatment! 

Sea Mud Algae Wrap
50 minutes: $140
Detoxify, hydrate and revitalize with this aromatic thermal wrap. Sea kelp stimulates the removal of impurities, while blue-green algae add essential nourishment and moisture. A cocoon of thermal heat envelopes you, promoting maximum absorption of vital nutrients and a state of deep relaxation!

Detoxifying BodySlim Contour Wrap
50 minutes: $140
A powerful combination of pure essential oils, including juniper berry, cypress, lavender and rosemary, and thermal heat works synergistically to contour the body, firm the skin, stimulate the lymphatic system, improve the appearance of cellulite and eliminate excess water retention. Benefits include a visible reduction of "orange peel" skin, overall slimming and detoxification. For a dramatic improvement in skin tone and elasticity we highly recommend a series of 6 weekly treatments.

Cellulite Smoother Body Treatment
70 minutes: $159
Absolutely incredible! Minimizes the appearance of cellulite while helping to tone and firm skin to give it a sleeker, smoother appearance. A full body scrub exfoliates skin from head to toe while increasing circulation and benefiting the lymphatic system. Next a powerful combination of specially formulated Seaweed Gel and Activating Creme is applied to problem areas to increase blood flow, enhance cellular metabolism and help remove waste and toxins, followed by a thermal wrap for maximum absorption. While wrapped you'll enjoy a heavenly face, neck and scalp massage. 

Purchase any body wrap in a series of 6 and receive a 10% savings!


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